Shadow’s Fund has launched the Bright Beginnings: Pit Bull Puppy Ambassador Program. The program’s purpose is to reduce the population of pit bulls in local shelters, stop backyard breeding, and adopt out puppies that will be ambassadors for the breed in the community. To accomplish this, we are tackling the problem where it begins . . . in back yards around the community. Pit bulls are massively over bred by backyard breeders and then sold or given to people who may lack the experience, resources or willingness to be responsible pit bulls owners. The result is that most of the puppies will see the inside of a shelter by their first birthday – and many of them will already have given birth to another litter. The Bright Beginnings program aims to stop this by taking in litters of puppies, and placing them in foster homes where they are trained and socialized, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. When the puppies graduate the program, they are young breed ambassadors that are placed in carefully screened homes. We think this program targets every aspect of the “pit bull crisis” in our community by addressing spay/neuter, early training and socialization, and by expanding the market of pit bull adopters by offering well trained and socialized puppies. Moreover, because of our careful screening process and an adoption contract which mandates that adopters must return the dog to Shadow’s Fund if they can no longer care for their animal, we can say with confidence that our pups will not enter the shelter system. We are giving puppies a bright beginning, so that the breed will have a brighter future! Follow our puppy ambassadors on Facebook.


You can help give a pit bull puppy a bright beginning by:

  • Fostering or Adopting (email us at to request an application)
  • Donating a Scholarship for a Puppy (it costs us $240 per puppy to fund their food, medical care, and training)