Take Me Home Project: from kennels to couches

There is a perfect home out there for every dog. Sometimes that home might be in another town or even another state. Shadow’s Fund launched the Take Me Home Project as a collaborative effort with shelter staff and volunteers to help dogs and families find one another, even when they are separated by hundreds of miles.

The Take Me Home Project chooses shelter dogs that have not been adopted locally and networks them across the Pacific Northwest (CA, OR and WA). We use our adoption questionnaire and a phone interview to screen adoption candidates and help make good matches. If a match is found, we have volunteers in each state to help with home visits. Transport is provided by our volunteers, with frequent rest stops and overnights in pet friendly hotels. Sometimes our dogs are flown to their new homes by private pilots via the Pilots N Paws program.

Once home, we stay in regular communication with our adopters and provide any guidance or support needed to help make a successful and permanent adoption. If a dog and family are not the great match we though they would be, we take our dogs back or work with the family to rehome them.

Expanding our adoption market across state lines has more than doubled the number of dogs we help each year, meaning more lives saved and more happy endings for dogs and families. Follow our travels on Facebook.

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