Sheltering Oak Sanctuary: The Promise of Hope Delivered

The Sheltering Oak Sanctuary is a safe haven for dogs, horses and pigs. Situated on 106 acres in Santa Barbara County, California, the sanctuary is a healing and nurturing environment for both the animals and people that it serves.

Our vision for the sanctuary was to create a new paradigm in animal sheltering. Our resident dogs enjoy large, home-like living quarters equipped with heated floors, TVs and couches in every room. They have attached yards so they are free to go outdoors and express their natural behaviors anytime. Whether they are out for a walk, hiking through the hills, playing with their buddies or cuddling in their room with a volunteer, our dogs have daily experiences more similar to a home life than to a shelter.

Our pigs and horses live in herd groups in large pastures, enjoying a natural lifestyle.  All of our residents live harmoniously alongside native wildlife and everything we do is minimally intrusive.

The sanctuary also serves as a venue for volunteerism, community education and offers socialization and training for dogs in our community that need extra help.

URGENT: With all of our essential costs rising, the sanctuary is struggling. Feed, vet care, insurance, utilities . . . all of these costs have gone up. Please consider a one time donation, or signing up as a recurring monthly donor, to help us continue to care for our sanctuary residents through these difficult times. 

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