Fostering a dog is a rewarding and wonderful experience for both the family and the dog. With many dogs coming from unknown situations, the comfort and safety of a home helps prepare them for their successful transition into a forever home. Fostering lets you share your love with a dog in need, without making a financial or long term commitment.

We need the following types of fosters:

  • Short term, emergency fosters (usually a 3-5 day commitment) for dogs who need to go somewhere safe quickly, for a short period
  • Long term, special needs fosters (this usually involved dogs with a medical condition that require a longer stay or sometimes even hospice care)
  • Standard fosters (generally a 2 -6 week commitment on average for dogs who are highly adoptable and just need to get ready for life in a home)
  • Overnight fosters (for folks who work all day but would like to share their evening and/or weekend with a foster dog. You must live in Lompoc and be able to drop your foster dog off at the sanctuary for daycare while you are at work)

Shadow’s Fund takes the same care in placing dogs in foster homes as we do for adoptions and the process is very much the same. Fosters are matched with dogs that are suitable for their home, experience, lifestyle, other family members and pets.

If you would like to foster, please complete a questionnaire so we can match you with the right dog. We will set up a home visit and make sure you have everything you need to help your foster dog be at his or her best. We provide food (if needed), veterinary care and training/behavioral support.

Fostering saves and changes lives. Become a hero today by signing up to foster a dog who needs you.

Complete our Foster Questionnaire