Sustaining the Promise of Hope: A Capital Campaign to Secure the Sanctuary in Perpetuity

The sanctuary provides a home to animals in need of hope and 2nd chances.

But that home is threatened.

Mortgage rates have skyrocketed making our monthly mortgage on the sanctuary a financial hardship that we are struggling to meet. The security of the sanctuary, and the home that 70 animals (and abundant wildlife) have come to depend on, cannot fluctuate with the market!

To sustain the sanctuary in perpetuity, we need to pay off the mortgage.

That comes with a hefty price tag of $415,000.00!

We have launched a capital campaign to help us secure the sanctuary. If we meet our goal:

  • The Sanctuary is safe in perpetuity. The 106 acres that have become a safe haven for the most vulnerable animals will remain exactly that.
  • The monthly mortgage cost will be redirected to help us continue to provide our residents with the highest quality of care. With all essential costs rising (feed, insurance, utilities, vet care) it is critical that we recover these funds for operating costs.

What we need:

1 gift of $50,000

4 gifts of $25,000

10 gifts of $10,000 (1 received already!)

10 gifts of $5000

15 gifts of $1000 (4 received already!)

A generous, anonymous donor has offered to match $100,000 towards our capital campaign to help us meet our goal!

Total with match: $415,000

Gifts can be made now or later, in full or as installments. Simply click on our online (for debit or credit card) or printable (to pay by check) pledge form below to help us get one step closer to delivering the promise of hope now and well into the future.

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