Sheltering Oak Sanctuary: Come Dwell in Hope

The Sheltering Oak Sanctuary is a safe haven for dogs, horses, pigs and sheep as well as the native wildlife. Situated on 100 acres in Santa Barbara County, California, the sanctuary is a healing and nurturing environment for both the animals and people that it serves.

Our vision for the sanctuary was to create a new paradigm in animal sheltering. Our resident dogs enjoy daily enrichment, hours of outdoor play time with a buddy or large play group, walks and cuddle time with volunteers and individual rooms that feel more like home then a kennel.

The sanctuary also serves as a venue for volunteerism, community education and offers socialization and training for dogs in our community that need extra help.

Our pigs and horses live in large pastures and enjoy a natural lifestyle.

Many volunteers consider the sanctuary to be a place of respite and healing for humans as well as animals.

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