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Courtesy Post: WINNIE Wants a Forever Home
Somehow this notion developed that I was mostly blind. And that a blind dog would be a good safe bet for a home with a herd of cats. But the truth is, I’m not mostly blind … and I’m a terrier mix … and there are 4 cats! You see where this is headed, right? Nothing fun to do while my humans are gone. It’s boring. Really, really boring. So I start casually watching what the cats are doing. Before you know it, I’m fixated on their comings and goings.

So that’s my story. Full disclosure. I need a new home.
Other than the cat fixation, my humans love me and say I’m a total squishy little hippo. And I have an instagram worthy “hippo hop.” That’s my signature move when I greet friends – both 2 and 4-legged. I pretty much like all people, big, small and all sizes in between. Snuggle me on the couch and I will cover you in kisses!

Oh, and please don’t leave me home all day. Take me with you–I love car rides! Or bring your work home! Or at least give me something interesting to do. You can’t expect me to nap and contemplate my navel for 8 hours! It’s not that I want a dog companion, but if you have one who gets my hoppity-hop playstyle and won’t try to chase me down or wrestle me to the ground and slobber all over me, well that might be okay. We’d need to meet.

I think I’m pretty close to perfect. You’ll think so too! Why don’t you fill out an adoption questionnaire
or contact for more adorable photos or video of me!

P.S. tell all your friends about me too.