Project Description

Trooper is a 4 year old super athlete looking for a new coach!  He was rescued from a shelter by a very loving family but unfortunately his energy and drive are not a good fit for who they are and who they need their dog to be. To see Trooper in all his glory, when he is chasing a flirt pole or bounding into the air to catch a ball or other toy, you can’t help but see a champion dog just waiting for someone who loves that about him and wants to bring out the best dog he can be.  He is focused, ready to learn and has the natural athleticism to excel in most dog sports. That said, without giving him a positive outlet all that energy and focus gets misplaced. Jumping up, mouthy play, frustrated and inappropriate play with other dogs, etc.

He is also anxious and lacks confidence.  But if his drive and energy are channeled correctly, Trooper can be a mellow, joyful dog, and his quirky/cute personality shines through.  His perfect family would have experience with energetic, highly driven dogs, have the desire to give Trooper a job or train him to compete in a sport, and have the time to make him a priority.  He’s super food motivated, extremely focused and knows several basic commands.  He is crate trained and is working on his leash skills.  There’s an incredible dog underneath his anxious and energetic exterior, and he’s waiting for someone to help him show the world who he really is!

See him in action here:

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