Project Description

For as long as we’ve known Stellar she has been a mama. She was a couple weeks shy of giving birth when we rescued her from a rural shelter. During her time in a foster home, she was the perfect mom, raising and caring for her pups with gentleness and joy at being a mom. One of Stellar’s puppies never found his perfect forever home and both he and Stellar ended up being fostered by Shadow’s Fund Co-Founders Jill and Cody. Their, mama Stellar stepped right back into her role as mom, happily. In fact, nothing seems to give her as much as joy. Who is Stellar when she is not being a mom? In truth, we don’t know. Its likely that she did not experience the best humans have to offer prior to ending up pregnant in the shelter. She may even have lived as stray. What that means is that she is a little stand off-ish on first meeting. She is not fearful or aggressive – just seems to be disinterested in new people, and untrusting of new dogs. But don’t give up on her. Stellar comes around as soon as you have earned her trust and is a sweet, affectionate dog that can be athlete or couch potato. We think she would LOVE to take her puppy Obie along with her to her new home. They play wonderfully together and she really enjoys his company. If not, you will need to give her some time to learn who you are and convince her that you and your home are the happily ever after she never knew was possible. Stellar is very petite, about 40 lbs and roughly 2 yrs old. She is spayed and current on shots.

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