Project Description

Meet Shiva the Diva! This 7 year old sweetheart is looking for a small kingdom to love and live in. Her mellow and gentle personality will win the hearts of everyone she meets, and she’ll show you how perfect she is as a family member.  With some of the best house manners we’ve ever seen, she takes exquisite care of her room and prefers to keep her blankets tidy and neat.  She loves to snuggle with kids, always takes treats gently, and even knows a few tricks. Sadly, this sweet girl grew up isolated and was never appropriately introduced to busy neighborhoods or was socialized well with other dogs.  While she really loves to play with younger dogs she is introduced to carefully, she struggles with meeting new dogs on leash.  Also, because she was abandoned, she is prone to being a little protective of her home and will likely bark at a fence line.  But if you live in a quiet neighborhood and don’t have any other pets, Shiva is sure to make you laugh and smile everyday.  She just needs a family to love her and she’ll return the love 1,000 fold. For more information, please contact Shadow’s Fund at

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