Project Description

Minnie and her sister Rosie are a bonded pair. And these two sisters are great at everything! You want to go for a long hike? They’re in! You want to hang out on the couch? They’re good with that too! Great with other dogs and love all people! They play tug, they play fetch, they know tricks, both are very smart! They spent a little too much time alone, outside in their previous home and their inquisitive nature allowed them to discover they were also good at something else… climbing fences! They would get bored, leave the yard and get into trouble. Shadow’s Fund saved them and promised them they would always be together and that we would help them find a home where they would never want to leave! Rosie and Minnie are big, playful girls so a family that doesn’t get ruffled by their play style and sturdy, older kids would be best. They also need a secure yard (our 9 ft fence does the trick!) or cannot be left unsupervised in the yard, ever. Yep – they are squirrely.  They are so happy go lucky and ready to be your friend the moment they meet you.  They are both very affectionate and goofy (typical rottie mixes) and will need a little patience to work on their manners, or an adopter that thinks 90lbs of love and exuberance landing on you is a great thing. They are both smart and very eager to please their human friends so they will learn quickly if you invest the time.

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