Project Description

Meet Kylee, aka Boo Boo. She is about 5 yrs old and would love to find her forever family. The best way we can describe her is “joyful”. When you enter her room she runs over with her favorite toy and offers it to you for a game of fetch. If she has a bone, she will bring to you and literally try to put in your mouth to share it with you. She wiggles and darn near does head stands when she gets into her silly, happy mode. When you are with her, there is nothing but happiness¬†at being in the presence of a dog that is so utterly and truly just sweet.

Alas, her sweetness, love and joy are reserved for her human friends. Kylee wants no part of other dogs. Despite trying to work with her in that regard, she has made it clear its just not her cup of tea. That’s ok. Fortunately this is a free country and Kylee gets to have her own opinion. Is there a home out there that would not feel the need to make her interact with other dogs? Someone that would appreciate the smiles and laughter this little 40 lb pixie of a dog can bring? If so, reach out. She is petite, well mannered, housebroken and perfectly happy to entertain herself when you are busy but LOVES the time you spend with her. If you would like to meet one of the sweetest souls on the planet, please fill out our adoption questionnaire!

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