Project Description

Handsome Butters is the dog that every other dog loves to play with in the play yard. He’s playful but not too rough. However as much as he enjoys playing with other dogs, there is nothing Butters loves more than attention and affection from his favorite human. Sit still long enough and Butters will curl up next you for a pleasant nap while you read, work, watch TV or just daydream the day away. Butters bonds to his people quickly and deeply, but is weary of strangers and will need his human to take the lead in introducing him to strangers in a way that lets him feel comfortable. Everyone that meets Butters falls in love with this sensitive, silly boy. If you need a best friend or another family member to make you smile and be by your side through good days and bad, Butters might be the pup for you. ¬†Butters is about 3 yrs old, neutered, current on his shots and microchipped. Did we mention that he keeps his room very tidy and is housebroken?

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