Project Description

This adorable youngster is Danny. Somehow, this handsome boy has spent almost half of his very young life in and out of shelters. He’s made lots of friends along the way – both 2 and 4 legged – but what Danny really needs now is his best friend to find him, take him home and get on with their happily ever after together.

Danny would like his new friend to know that he’s not perfect and he won’t judge you if you aren’t either. He sometimes plays a bit rowdy with his doggie friends. He can be a little excessive with the kisses when he is feeling a tad insecure. Sometimes his anxiety gets the best of him and it takes him a minute to settle – and his new, fluffy dog bed may or may not be on the losing end of that.

But, he’s also barely an adolescent that has grown up being bounced across state lines, in and out of fosters and in and out of shelters. All in all, we think Danny is coping pretty well. He’d cope alot better, and show the world the shine star he is, with a steady friend at his side to show him the way and gently guide him when he starts to make a wrong turn.

If that friend might be you, reach out to us. We’d love to talk with you about Danny.

P.S. he would prefer to live in a home without small animals of any species (including small humans).

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