Project Description

Patrick is currently in a wonderful foster home and appreciate his loving foster family.

This is Patrick. He was found a few weeks ago by a caring community member when he limped into her nursery looking for help. He was wounded, cold, shaking. The finder knelt down and he just leaned into her soaking up the love and gentle touch. She said he was so sweet and gentle and wanting to be loved. He was clearly very injured to she got him to the shelter right away. What they found suggests that this young dog has not lived the best life so far. When they cleaned him up they found over 100 bite wounds on him. They also found old injuries indicative of trauma (perhaps being hit by a car it was speculated). While at the shelter Patrick has shown nothing but affection and sweetness with the humans he has met.

Our team will work closely with Patrick’s new home to set him and them up for success and make sure everyone, especially Patrick, has what they need – but we need that special person to come forward. We know how rare it is to find a dog loving, experienced home that does not already have other dogs, but we have to try for Patrick. He needed help to save his life from whatever hell he was living in and he found an angel named Cheri. She got him to safety and he got the medical attention he needed and is now on our radar. This guy is trying so hard to save his own life. He wants to live and he deserves to know what it feels like to live free of pain and fear, to know the joys of a family, soft beds, good treats and for someone to tell him he’s a good boy.