Project Description

This adorable little nugget is Nala. Her breed mix is anyone’s guess with her giant ears and low rider build. Corgi/Pit Bull? Who knows and, frankly, who cares? What matters most is that this little girl is all sweetness and love. We found her at our local shelter, days away from giving birth and placed her in a foster home. There, she has been a wonderful mama to 6 healthy puppies and has been enjoying the company of the foster mom’s other dogs. She is so kind, she even lets her best gal pal, Abby, play with her and her puppies without getting protective. Nala seems to be just barely older than a puppy herself and we are guessing her to be about a year old. She loves human attention and is affectionate. She will share kisses with anyone willing to accept them. If you are looking for a smaller, lovable girl to round out your family and home, consider Nala. She will bring you many years of smiles and friendship.

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