Project Description

This 9 yr old girl will steal your heart the first time she leans in for a good snuggle. She will make you smile when she wiggles with joy on the soft grass, or carries her favorite stuffed toy (her catfish) over to you.  Jade can hang out with other dogs and not be bothered (unless they are ill mannered and rude – she is not into that) but she loves people attention most and would love, love, love to be your one and only (or at least your favorite). Jade is a cancer survivor and after removing some tumors earlier this year, she is feeling ready to conquer the world. Ok, maybe just ready to conquer your front porch and living room. But, hey, you don’t need the whole world if you have Jade.

Jade is 9 yrs young, about 75 lbs and spayed.

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