Project Description

We are not sure what Dudley’s most adorable attribute is. His endearing underbite? His teddy bear-like cuddly-ness? His big brown eyes that look at you lovingly before he pounces into your lap (fresh out of the kiddie pool)? Hard to say which, but what’s easy to say is that Dudley is a gem. He is incredibly social and loves everyone he meets, including other dogs. He likes to be silly – so you if you are looking for a serious, “walk the line”, kind of dog – well, that aint Dudley. He would rather it ham it up all day long then walk at a perfect heel and he has not met a mud puddle he doesn’t love. You know what else he would love? Being a member of a family that lets Dudley be Dudley, that appreciates his silly side, that wants to join him in a good afternoon play session. He would really love it if you have another dog or two for him to pal around with and if you don’t, he’d appreciate you finding him some doggie friends for play dates.

Dudley is about 1.5 yrs old, 45 lbs, and neutered.

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