Project Description

Sweet, soft, cuddly girl Bailey is quietly saying “pick me!”  A tad shy,  Bailey takes her time to make sure you can be trusted before she shares all of her kisses and snuggles with you. But once she warms up (which happens quickly) she gets very attached and will want to be by your side all the time. Have work to do, no problem – she will lay at your feet and keep them warm. Need to spend time working on the garden? Great! She loves adventuring around the back yard and finding interesting new things, smells and sounds. Want to watch a chick flick and cry over a bowl of popcorn? Bailey won’t tell anyone and will cuddle you close on the couch. Bailey is still learning that other dogs are ok and is doing great with some carefully chosen friends (nice, well mannered dogs – not those ruffians that would make sweet Bailey feel uncomfortable). She really enjoys the dog in her foster home, an older, calm and confident female that plays a big sister role for Bailey. Does this velvety soft little girl sound like she might fit perfectly into your home and family? If so, we would love to hear from you.

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