Who We Are / Shadow’s Story

Shadow’s Fund is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of seniors, pit bulls and other high risk dogs in shelters. Through education and funding programs, we provide the tools necessary for the successful adoption of these special needs dogs. To bring hope to those who have none, to see the downhearted and defeated experience joy again, and to remind the forgotten dogs that they are loved and their life is precious . . . that is our mission.

Shadow’s Fund: Who We Are and What We Do:

Shadow’s Fund was Co-Founded in 2009 by Cody Rackley and Jill Anderson as a tribute to their beloved senior dog Shadow, a 15 yr old dog that was found tied to a tree with a note that read “he’s too old”. Touched by the plight of this grey bearded dog, Jill and Cody welcomed Shadow into their home. After Shadow’s passing, the fund was formed to help senior dogs in shelters find loving homes in which to spend the last chapter of their lives. In time, the mission broadened to address other “high risk” shelter dogs, including bully breeds and dogs deemed unadoptable due to injury or illness.

Today, Shadow’s Fund is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of senior dogs and pit bulls. These high risk dogs are often the first to end up at the shelter and the last to be adopted. Our mission is to bring hope to those that seem to have so little.

For two years we struggled with the pit bull paradox. These dogs flood the shelters in record numbers, and yet they are without a doubt the most difficult dogs to find homes for. Out of time, and with nowhere to go, countless dogs were (and are) dying needlessly in shelters. While educational and spay/neuter initiatives are the right investment to bring about a long term shift, it was clear that immediate relief was needed now.

Seeing this ongoing and overwhelming need for rescue, along with a sheltering system that was failing its most vulnerable residents, Shadow’s Fund set its sights on creating a new paradigm for animal sheltering. To that end, the Sheltering Oak Sanctuary was created.


Shadow was the inspiration for the work we do today.

Shadow’s Story

Shadow’s Fund was created to honor the life and memory of a special dog – and dear friend – named Shadow. At the age of 15, Shadow was abandoned by his family and left tied to a tree outside an animal shelter. At 15 yrs old, he had little chance of being adopted. If not for an incredible network of people committed to rescuing senior dogs, this gentle soul would have spent the last chapter of his life in a lonely cage at the dog shelter.

In October of 2007, we adopted Shadow into our family. Though he had reason not to trust people, this grey-bearded guy welcomed us into his heart without hesitation. Shadow spent just over a year enjoying the daily adventures of life on a ranch. Whether following along as we fed the horses, making the long trek to the orchard to snatch a pear that had fallen to the ground, or just napping under an oak tree, his pure joy for life and his unrelenting determination touched everyone who met him. On November 12th, 2008, at 16 yrs of age, Shadow passed gently from this world and is resting on the hillside just above his favorite pear tree. The light that he brought to each moment filled our hearts in a way that words could never describe.

That light is something that we would like to live on. The purpose of Shadow’s Fund is to provide a spark of light and hope for seniors, pit bulls and other high risk dogs in shelters, and to share a little of Shadow’s very big heart. Click here to see Shadow’s story.

These are just some of the dogs that are safe today because of the work that Shadow inspired.