Mission Statement

Shadow’s Fund is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of seniors, pit bulls and other high risk dogs in shelters. Through education and funding programs, we provide the tools necessary for the successful adoption of these special needs dogs. To bring hope to those who have none, to see the downhearted and defeated experience joy again, and to remind the forgotten dogs that they are loved and their life is precious . . . that is our mission.



Shadow was a dog that was abandoned by his family at 15 years of age.  He brought such joy and light to the lives of his rescuers, Jill and Cody, spending his last year and a half teaching them appreciation.  His seemingly never ending desire to try was the embodiment of hope.  This incredible impact he left led to the creation of Shadow’s Fund, which in turn has helped hundreds of dogs experience the joy of a loving family.  You can more about the creation of Shadow’s Fund and the rest of Shadow’s story here.



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