Adoptable Dogs

The dogs on this page are currently available for adoption or fostering. Click on their name to learn more about them, to see more photos and to complete an adoption questionnaire.


This adorable little nugget is Nala. Her breed mix is anyone's guess with her giant ears and low rider build. Corgi/Pit Bull? Who knows and, frankly, who cares? What matters most is that this little girl is all sweetness and love. We found her at our local shelter, days away from giving birth and placed her in a [...]



Emma is an older gal who knows what she wants in life. And what is that? Playing ball, chasing lizards and squirrels in her yard, a soft bed and a kind human to tuck her in and maybe a short to moderate walk each day. She is about 12 yrs young but in great health and still up [...]

Diesel & Shadow


Diesel & Shadow are the perfect pair of couch potatoes!  Their ideal day is to wake up, take a nap on the couch, have breakfast, snooze in the morning sun, chase a ball for a few minutes, have a second nap, lounge around the house, get ready for dinner with a pre-dinner siesta, eat dinner and spend the [...]


Oh Frodo, we promise your forever home is coming. This big guy with the beautiful smile wears his heart on his sleeve and wants nothing more than to be part of a family and have a home of his own. Through no fault of his own, circumstances have not allowed him to stay in any of the 3 [...]



This 9 yr old girl will steal your heart the first time she leans in for a good snuggle. She will make you smile when she wiggles with joy on the soft grass, or carries her favorite stuffed toy (her catfish) over to you.  Jade can hang out with other dogs and not be bothered (unless they are [...]


Handsome Butters is the dog that every other dog loves to play with in the play yard. He's playful but not too rough. However as much as he enjoys playing with other dogs, there is nothing Butters loves more than attention and affection from his favorite human. Sit still long enough and Butters will curl up next you [...]


Hi, My name is China although I am anything but delicate. In fact, I am kind of a tom boy at heart. I love to play and wrestle, with both people and other dogs. If I am by myself I am happy to play with my toys and keep myself busy. I did not have a great start to [...]


Known by other dogs as "Shiva the Diva", this 5 yr old really just wants her human all to herself. She enjoys playing with a few doggie friends she met at the sanctuary but this diva can get snarky if a dog steps out of line. She is happy and wiggly when her favorite people come around and [...]


Behind her shy, shrinking violet exterior, Red is a bouncy, happy puppy-like dog just bursting with love and playfulness. She is pretty cautious when meeting new people, entering new places or experiencing new things. But if you give her a little patient and loving guidance she comes around quickly. She LOVES to play with other dogs and has [...]


If you speak dog then Klifford has alot of stories to tell. He spent most of his 6 years as companion to a homeless person. Living on the streets taught him a thing or two and we are certain that's what he's howling about when he has an audience. Since coming to the sanctuary, he has enjoyed a [...]


Charlie will melt your heart when he flashes his big, charming grin. He is a big, playful boy that needs a sturdy human friend as he just will not accept that he is not a lap dog. He loves stretching out across your lap and getting a nice massage or just being close to you. He also likes [...]