Adoptable Dogs

The dogs on this page are currently available for adoption or fostering. Click on their name to learn more about them, to see more photos and to complete an adoption questionnaire.


Have a ball that you just can't keep under control? Fievel can help! He can come off like a moody and sensitive adolescent (probably listens to Morrissey in his bedroom all day) but if you spend a little time with him he is not only an affectionate guy but is a ball wrangler extraordinaire. So whether you want to [...]


Seeking adopter that understands the importance of a little tough puppy love. Meet Zeus!! Like his mythological namesake, when frustrated, baby Zeus will hurl lightning and thunderbolts and basically wreak havoc on everything in his path. No absolute mush pushovers should apply for this little handsome god dog!  Interested?   Please fill out an adoption questionnaire.    Click here to [...]


Frankie has the perfect balance of super cuddly, but also like playing with his doggy friends.  He is looking for someone who'll appreciate who he is, how adorable he is and his puppy antics.  Frankie would ideally be adopted with his mom Stellar as they love each others company and playing together.  If you would like to learn [...]


Sweet Caroline is one of our newest members of the adoptable dogs at Shadow's Fund.  She is currently in Vancouver, WA where she has been learning lots at Sage's Canines board and train program.  Caroline has wonderful house manners, enjoys the company of people, loves watermelon on a summer day and knows how to relax on a Sunday [...]


Diesel is the ultimate heartthrob.  He knows how to draw in admirers and convince them to give him a belly rub.  This wise senior gentleman is the patriarch of the dogs at the Shadow's Fund ranch.  Diesel is looking for a home in the Lompoc, CA area so he can come back to visit his vast fan club [...]


Have you been looking to add more humor in your life?  Looking for a kooky, clumsy, goof ball that will do a headstand and summersault into your lap to get your attention?  Obie has all of those qualities!  This young chap is 1 yr old and is one of those little brother types that just wants to play [...]


Betsy is known around the Shadow’s Fund ranch as the sandbagger. It wasn’t known until recently that this 6 yr old gal could show the agility course who’s boss, who knew? This lovely lady is an athlete in training who is always up for an adventure. She also knows when a Netflix binge-watching weekend is in order and [...]


This little athlete is ready to be your running partner, but make no mistake that she is just as good at being a couch potato on movie night or for some snuggle up and read a good book time. Stellar was pulled from a rural shelter, pregnant and about ready to have her puppies. We were able to [...]


Known by other dogs as "Shiva the Diva", this 5 yr old really just wants her human all to herself. She enjoys playing with a few doggie friends she met at the sanctuary but this diva can get snarky if a dog steps out of line. She is happy and wiggly when her favorite people come around and [...]