Adopt or Foster

Approximately 4-6 million animals die in shelters each year. This is due to an overpopulation of dogs and cats, and too few homes willing to adopt them. While spay/neuter programs work to address the problem of overpopulation in the long term, we must also work to find loving homes for shelter animals now. There is nothing as rewarding as saving a life. When you adopt a shelter dog you are doing just that, while gaining a loyal and loving companion.

Meet Our Adoptable Dogs


Shadow’s Fund takes extra care in the placement of our adoptable dogs. Adoption is a life long commitment to the dog and the decision must be good for both the dog and their new family. We don’t believe anyone can get to know a dog in an hour, so we generally schedule an initial meet & greet followed by 1 or 2 ‘play dates’ before the dog moves in. Our process is a little longer than most, but ensures a comfortable transition for both the dog and the adopters.

The Process

Our adoption process includes an adoption questionnaire to help us match you with the perfect canine companion for you, your family, and your lifestyle. After that we schedule a home visit and a meet & greet with the dog you are interested. If all goes well we will work with you to introduce your new dog to other family pets and create a stress-free transition plan to bring your dog home. Our adoption fee is $300 and includes spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchip.

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Fostering a dog is a rewarding and wonderful experience for both the family and the dog. Fosters provide dogs with the love and comfort of a home, while helping them make a successful transition from shelter life to a home environment. We provide everything you need to keep your foster dog happy and healthy. 

The Process

Our foster program includes a foster application, interview and home visit so that we can appropriately match you with a dog. We have many ways to foster – including short term, overnight only (with us providing daycare) or longer term for special needs dogs. Whatever you are able to offer, there is a dog who will benefit from it!

 If you’re interested in fostering, please email us at