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3 hours ago

Shadow's Fund

Update on Ace: Last night we learned that the fluid build up in his abdomen and around his heart was caused by a mass in his heart. The fluid was drained, he received IV fluids and his body temperature was brought back up. He is on meds to help stop or slow bleeding, as the assumption is that the mass is bleeding.

This is not a good diagnosis and his prognosis is guarded. Today, Ace felt much better and ate some cheeseburgers and felt good enough to run the fenceline and bark. We don't know if he has days, weeks or months. It really is a matter of how the mass behaves. We have to watch him closely each day and make sure we make every day the best it can be, as we have no way of knowing how soon his last day will come.

Ace is a lifetime sanctuary resident with a history of aggressive reactions to a variety of triggers. While many of our team cannot safely interact with him, he has some humans here that he loves and that love him. Most of all is Bea H Rains, who has seen to it that Ace gets lots of quality one on one time with her. Ace is one of those dogs that breaks your heart. Whatever happened to him before he came here left a lasting impression and he will choose to defend himself if he feels a human or situation is threatening. That meant we could not safely adopt him to the public but it did NOT mean we couldn't give him a good life. He has his own room and tv, gets walks, snuggles, car rides, bones and toys and playtime in the yards. Accepting Ace for who he is and allowing him to live his best life on his terms is what we do here. We hope he has many more good days with his best friend Bea.

Thank you to everyone who donated to help with the emergency vet bill, who sent prayers or kind words and to Dr. Scherr at Animal Care Hospital for coming in late and Dr. Brown, Jenni Conner and the rest of the team at PETS ER for the excellent care they gave Ace last night.

Ace is a reminder to us all to live evey day to the fullest and as if its your last. Mostly, spend time with the people you love, doing what you love. That's what Ace did today and will do each day for as long as he has.
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I remember the day we got him. I sat in his stall and gave him treats. I did feel the need to be a bit more careful but I knew he was in the very best of hands with you at the sanctuary ❤️❤️❤️

You are all so wonderful and God Bless you all...prayers to you all but mostly Ace and Bea as I know her heart must be heavy and Ace will read off her feelings...he knows he is loved and you all are so hood at making that very easy to see by all you do so I know Ace feels it too but in a hands on right there way...just know all that you each do comes across fully in your posts. Thank you so much for letting us all be a part of your journey and so many beautiful babies journeys...even the toughest journeys are the best they can be because of all of you. Prayers to you all🙏💗🙏💗🙏💗

thank you for keeping him happy and having a quality life. hope he feels good for a long long time!

I wish I was able to help. God bless you for taking such good care of these babies

He’s really beautiful. Whatever time he has had with you and whatever is left, thank you Shadows Fund for accepting his limitations and providing him a quality life of love.

Thank you for giving him love, safety and quality of life <3

I'm sure you already know about Yunnan Baiyao. It is a Chinese medicine that many vets now offer to stop bleeding. I was a big doubter, but I was desperate to stop my dog's profuse bleeding from an oral tumor. The Yunnan Baiyao stopped the bleeding overnight. He did not seem to have any side effects from the medication. If you haven't already asked your vet about it, it might be worthwhile. I only wish every "special" dog could have the chance to live out its life at Shadow's Fund. Ace is one of the very lucky ones.

Damn. Sound like a hemangiosarcoma. Praying for you all...

Prayers for this sweet baby!!! 😢❤️

Hang In in there Ace glad to know you are getting all the love you deserve!

Such a beautiful baby boy. Glad he is safe with you.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. 🙁My thoughts are always with you.

Thank you for giving Ace the very best part of his life, however long that may be. 🥰

Dear Ace, your special hooman Bea loves you a ton. Whisper in her ear and let her know how you are doing. She knows you so well. Thanks for letting me get to know you better over the last few months. You are so handsome and I love how we can talk to each other nicely now. See you real soon with treats in hand.

Thank you and Bea!

Dearest Ace, I love that you are making the most of this time AND got to enjoy those burgers! No fear, buddy, Arnie will look for you, I know. 💙💙💙🍔


Love to you ace !

Poor guy

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